About me

When I have to give a quick Bio for professional reasons, here’s what I say: “I’ve been in project management since the late 90s, and have been an Agilist for nearly a decade. I’ve seen a lot of things done poorly, and I’ve seen a lot of things done well, and the majority of the good things have been in the last 10 years. In short, I’ve seen Agile do more good than bad. As a Certified Scrum Professional, I am always looking for ways to help teams, companies and individuals use Agile principles to improve the way they deliver the things that they deliver. ”

I created this blog to share the things that I have seen done well,  and to talk about the many painful and often ridiculous things I’ve seen logical, intelligent, people do in attempt to deliver a project.


I let this blog sit for almost a year recently, but I’m back, and I’m bound and determined to have a lot more fun with it. It’s a fun space for me, and I hope you can take a way something of value from it.

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