Agile For Personal Improvement Experiment: Week 5

This last week’s iteration of self improvement was an utter meltdown. Not only did I not accomplish what I set out to do, I went BACKWARDS in using Agile.  Each day went by, and I looked at my kanban board and said “Man, I really need to get back to that!” I made up excuses, […]

Agile For Personal Improvement Experiment: Week 4

I’m excited to say that last week’s iteration went much better than the two previous. Like Dr. Arroway’s discovery, I’m finding things that I have been telling Agile teams for years are coming back to me in this little experiment. Despite Hurricane Florence killing our power for 27 hours on Saturday, I completed both of […]

Agile For Personal Improvement Experiment: Week 3

Well that didn’t go as planned at all. Being out of town/out of the country is not conducive to staying focused on self improvement. What worked well is continuing to ensure my new workout regimen was feasible. It was not new work.  It was simply refining the model I had built.  Neither living in someone […]

Agile For Personal Improvement Experiment: Week 2

I did a little retrospecting on last week’s effort, and came away with a few of things. I pulled away from the book writing user story to focus on a new blog post about using the wheel of Agile principles. I honestly thought it would propel me into writing the 5 pages about coaching alliances. […]

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