A Tool for Coaching an Agile Team

There is a great need for coaches in Agile.  Many teams find themselves “stuck” in their quest to work well together.  Others have developed bad habits and can’t quite see their issue, while still others might just want an objective view of how they are doing. Asking for coaching should not be seen as a […]

Agile For Personal Improvement Experiment: Week 1

As promised, here are the two personal improvement backlog items I have chosen to work on this week: 1) As an out of shape, formerly athletic guy in his 50’s, I need to develop an exercise regimen that is realistic for my time availability and current fitness, so that I can feel better about my […]

Let’s Do An Experiment!

Applying Scrum To Our Own Personal Development. This is based on a self-improvement experiment I tried a while back but struggled with. I now know that I didn’t break my work into small enough chunks–That, and I lacked discipline. So I want to try it again, but I want to invite any readers to try […]

An Agile Perspective on Things

The term “Agile” gets beat up a lot these days by people who have come to realize that it is really just a subset of a much larger framework called “Common Sense,” and that’s fine; Agile can take it. Even some of the things I have pushed  Agile to be used for would suggest that […]

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