Agile For Personal Improvement Experiment: Week 1

As promised, here are the two personal improvement backlog items I have chosen to work on this week: 1) As an out of shape, formerly athletic guy in his 50’s, I need to develop an exercise regimen that is realistic for my time availability and current fitness, so that I can feel better about my […]

Let’s Do An Experiment!

Applying Scrum To Our Own Personal Development. This is based on a self-improvement experiment I tried a while back but struggled with. I now know that I didn’t break my work into small enough chunks–That, and I lacked discipline. So I want to try it again, but I want to invite any readers to try […]

An Agile Perspective on Things

The term “Agile” gets beat up a lot these days by people who have come to realize that it is really just a subset of a much larger framework called “Common Sense,” and that’s fine; Agile can take it. Even some of the things I have pushed  Agile to be used for would suggest that […]

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